How Mother Nurture started..

I was pregnant and living in London when I found out about the SILVERETTE ® cups. While searching on the internet for the best breastfeeding products for sore nipples I came across these cups. I had never heard of them before but after reading countless glowing reviews I decided to try them. I'd heard a few breastfeeding stories that I wanted to avoid, as being able to breastfeed successfully was of utmost importance to me. So, I was keen to try anything that could prevent any possible problems.

For the first two or three days after my daughter was born my nipples stung a lot. I wasn't using the cups consistently, only a few hours a day, and I was also using coconut oil. I finally cottoned on that I was supposed to wear them 24/7 (except while feeding) and not use any other nipple care products. From then on I never looked back. I exclusively breastfed my daughter for two years, which meant hours of daily wear on my nipples. She didn't always have the best latch. She twisted, bit and chomped on them. But despite all of this I can honestly say I had no pain. A few times my nipples stung a bit after particularly long feeding sessions, but was is quickly relieved by the cups. I certainly had no cracks or bleeding. Even when I stopped using the cups for a couple of days to see if they were definitely working, my nipples started to really hurt.


Since becoming a mother I have become very passionate about breastfeeding. Realising how lucky I was to have not suffered from any nipple problems, especially as a first time mother, I wanted to enable as many mothers as possible to achieve the same as well. It saddens me to think that mothers suffer from painful, damaged nipples, or, even worse, give up breastfeeding because of this, when that likely could be prevented. Breastfeeding is an incredibly fulfilling act for both mother and baby and every minute deserves to be enjoyed.

There was no distributor for SILVERETTE ® in New Zealand so I decided to bring them here. I never thought I would own a business and I have certainly never considered myself to be a 'sales woman', but I have become very passionate about this product and just simply want to share it with other women. I always said that even if one vital breastfeeding relationship was saved by making these cups available here in New Zealand, or one mother spared the agony of painful, damaged nipples, I would be happy. Fast forward a few years and hundreds of happy kiwi mothers, it is safe to say that this intention has been and is continuing to be, fulfilled many times over. 


From one mum to another – I hope you love every minute of breastfeeding like I have ♥

Love and blessings, Steph xx

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